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Adept I

jitter effect "ghost fps" after changing video card.

FPS count is high, but clearly looks like i had some random monitor frequency.. started happening after I dowgraded from a rx 570 4gb to a rx 550 4gb. yes, used DDU to wipe old drivers and reinstalled WINDOWS! check this video where i show the effect.



if i open games, it feels good, HIGH FPS, good temps, no blue screen or something like that... does not happen when browsing in internet, watching movies and etc... it happens in all 3D softwares, 3DS MAX, SKETCHUP, even PHOTOSHOP!





RX 550 4GB,

RYZEN 5 2600

16GB RAM, 2X8



system was perfect using RX 570 4GB. this new video card has warranty, but how can i explain this error to RMA people?



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Adept I

Ok, this gets even worse! if I run a benchmark, like FUR MARK, minimize it while running, and go to my other softwares, the problem is gone! W T F is going on? as soon as i STOP BENCHING, the problem is back.. ok, there is no way im not gonna be crazy here. PLEASE, HELP...