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Journeyman III

Issue with Graphics card in my new build Ryzen 2700x. Please help.

I am building a new machine, specs being Ryzen 2700x, 16 GB RAM, Asus Prime X470 Pro MB along with XFX RX560 graphics card. After building the machine, once I power on, the CPU stock fan along with other case fans runs fine. But I am having a tough time figuring out, whats happening with my graphic card. I have connected XFX RX 560 4GB to PCI x16 slot with 6 pin connector from power supply, I see the blue led light working in graphic card but fan is not spinning. I tried to connect HDMI cable to the monitor, no signal, then tried with DVI-D from the graphic card, still no luck . Since its a 2700x with graphics card not working I am at a dead end, I cant see whats happening in the monitor to debug anything. Would really appreciate if I can get some pointers on how to go ahead with my issue. Thanks for your time.

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When you power on the computer do you get the ASUS post beep? If you aren't getting a post beep then you might have an issue with the motherboard or the RAM. You need to have the speaker from the case installed on the motherboard to hear the post beep. If the XFX video card is defective One long and three short beeps will be heard from the motherboard.

Hi theacclaimed,

        I don't have speaker in my MB nor in my case unfortunately. Have ordered one to get it connected to the MB. Thanks for the info on post beep, will check on this once I get the speaker. Thanks for your time.


In my opinion, If the GPU Fan doesn't start even when you boot up but have power to the card. It is possible you GPU fan is defective. XFX has a 3 year plus 2 year Warranty on the GPU fan.

You might want to contact XFX Support and see if they suggest you RMA the card.

As mentioned before, the best way to check is to install the RX in another compatible computer and see if it has the exact problem.

You can always borrow a compatible APU (CPU with integrated Graphics) so that you may be able to enter BIOS and log on to Windows for troubleshooting purposes.

With an APU installed and using the APU integrated graphics, you can now install the RX and see if BIOS or Windows recognizes your GPU card.

just a suggest and work around to no video during POST in BIOS.

EDIT: Make sure there are no cables or other objects inside the computer case that might be obstructing the fan from turning.  Also turn the RX Fan manually by hand. It should spin without any resistance or noises.

Journeyman III


           On reading the manual again. I wonder should I need to connect the 8 pin EATX12V power plugs along with the EATXPWR. Using the power cable that came with the PSU, I can only connect 6 pin but not the additional 2 pin splitter to the MB. But if I connect the EATX12V along with the EATXPWR, none of them works. Once I remove  EATX12V power plug and leave just the EATXPWR, the computer powers ON, but still no luck on the GPU though yet. I haven't tried another GPU yet.




that might be part of your problem. The extra 8 pin is for power to the motherboard and Ryzen CPU.

See if you can find a PSU cable 4 or 6 pin to 8 pin ATX cable adapter similar to this one at

This is just an example. If your PSU is new it should have the 8 Pin ATX cable already when you purchased it.

Once you have the extra Power to the motherboard with the 8 Pin ATX cable connected see if your RX starts to work normally.


You must connect both the large 24-pin EATX12V and the 8-pin EATXPWR. Both are required for the system to work.