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Adept I

Issue when play Resident Evil 4 ultimate HD

Is there anybody has the no graphs but only audio problem when playing  Resident Evil 4 ultimate HD?It works fine when I use a nvidia card,but neither on a 6600xt.

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Journeyman III

I have had this same issue to starting sometime in the summer, i think on steam users mentioned that it had something to do with one of the drivers onwards that caused the game not to boot up properly.  It's unfortunate because i have been wanting to play RE4 since building my new PC. I originally came from over from having an Nvidia GTX 980 which i never had any issues with and now i have an RX 6700 XT which i love and it's way better than the 980 in performance and the only game i see it having issues with currently that have and tried to run is Resident Evil 4.


It is solved by using DXVK.U can try it.