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Graphics Cards

Adept II

is my graphics card damaged? RX 6700 XT

after trying all possible things, install and uninstall drivers with ddu, change psu, format the computer and many other things and the games still have a stutter in 1080 and 1440. I have all the drivers updated bios,windows, gpu...


I5 10400 F

Radeon RX 6700 XT

16 gb ram 2x8 gb 3200 mhz

psu seasonic focus 650w 80 +gold

LGGN800 2K 144 HZ


please help !!

5 Replies

The Stuttering could be due to GPU being throttled by your Intel Processor, at least, at 1080 Resolution using Ultra settings.

Inputted your Hardware at this FPS & Bottleneck website and this was the results:

Screenshot 2021-12-25 150510.pngScreenshot 2021-12-27 195404.png

The link above shows you how well several types of the latest games work in various Resolutions and FPS with your setup.

Try running your games at the lowest Game options and see if you still get stuttering. If you don't then that is a good indication that is due to your GPU card being bottlenecked by your Intel Processor.

Otherwise it could be a AMD driver issue or Radeon Settings Configuration issue for your game/ games.

Try installing a previous AMD driver and see if you still get the stuttering or not in the lowest settings for your game or games.


Found this GPU Website that mentions most of the major factors for Game stuttering:

It mentions beside Overheating or poor Overclocking of GPU or CPU it also mentions bottlenecking:

CPU Bottleneck

If you are facing CPU bottlenecking and high CPU usage in a game then you can face frequent stuttering and drop in FPS too. This generally happens for two reasons, first if your CPU is underpowered or when the game is heavily CPU dependent. It can also occur when there is a compatibility issue of the game with some CPUs. An example of CPU Bottleneck is when you pair a budget CPU like Intel Dual Core e.g. G4400 with a powerful graphics card like GTX 1080 Ti, then it will result in CPU Bottlenecking. This scenario can lead to 100% CPU usage in AAA games while the GPU usage remains very low. So, here you will have to upgrade your CPU and preferably motherboard too if you want to play AAA games at higher frame rates without any stuttering. For AAA gaming, you should try to get the latest series Intel / AMD processor with at least four cores (quad-core processor or higher).

On the other hand, if the stuttering is due to poor optimization of a game from game developers, then you can only hope for the game publisher to release a patch or tell some workaround to resolve this issue. You can also disable CPU Parking for better CPU core utilization. It can also help in reducing micro-stutters in games, and thus improves overall gaming performance. The easiest way to disable CPU Paring by using Disable CPU Core Parking Utility, which you download from the link given below.

Also Video Driver:

Video Driver Issues

Video driver or graphics driver is also one of the major causes of stuttering in games. It is always recommended to install the latest video drivers for the latest games. However, sometimes the latest graphics driver can also be the root of the problem, and in such cases, it is better to revert to the older stable drivers. You must remember that the latest video drivers are not always better, and not one driver suits all graphics cards the same, so you should test all recent video drivers to find out which driver version works best for you.

To clean install older or new video drivers, it is better to use Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) for uninstalling video drivers. DDU is a small utility that completely removes every trace of the older video driver, including the registries and other related files. It does prove helpful in troubleshooting video driver related problems that occur with graphics cards from time to time. Also, I would suggest that you should always download the video driver of your graphics card from the GPU’s official site only, because if you download it from third party site, then it may be possible that the driver is tempered with or contains some malicious harmful code.

The article also shows other major reasons for stuttering in a game.


I have stuttering in any resolution and any graphic quality, I have installed old drivers and I still have stuttering

Adept I

have you checked if your refreshrate is still at 144hz? if you install a new gpu you have to set it up again. if that doesn't work see if the framerate is limiteded to 60 fps if yes disable the limited fps.


yes, I am in the 2k and 144z configuration