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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

Is my card dying?

It's happened three times in a week now, in the midst of a game a sudden lag spike would strike and the game would throttle down to 10-20fps. The moment i quite the game the system would crash and the screen goes totally black with a short stop until it reboots. It always says upon logging back in that it's due to a power failure and default wattman settings has being restored, i don't use any clocking software or tinker with the global settings so i could only narrow it down to failure (it's a pretty old radeon r9 290). Is it time for a replacement now that the card has being used for about 4 years, or is there something wrong with my driver software?

System specs:

intel core i7 4790k

gigabyte z97x ud3h black

gigabyte r9 290 windforce oc

corsair vengeance pro ddr3 16gb ram

seagate barracuda 1tb 7200rpm hdd

radeon driver ver: 18.12.2

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