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Journeyman III

Is my 7900XTX faulty? Displayport 2 (between C and HDmi not working at all

I got my reference from AMD store 

7900xtx version, driver all update to date

but whenever i plug my main monitor running the DP cable into slot 2 of DP port between C and hdmi, it won't detect

I plug it back to DP1 slot 1 on the edge of the card and have no issue with monitor

- i can run 3 monitor set up using USB C and hdmi but just not that DP slot 2. I even unplug from slot 1 and plug into slot 2 and it still don't run, plug back into slot 1 and monitor running again, trying several cables and also HDMI adatper to DP none worked.

I have a Dell 4k gaming g2332q should be able to run on it, no issue on slot 1.

Is it me or something wrong with that anyone have same experiences?

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Journeyman III

My display ports aren't working either. I just spent like 3k on this build and I cant use my display ports