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Adept I

Is my 6900 xt faulty?

With various games I get a black screen seemingly randomly. The PC stays on. To get a picture again I have to restart the computer manually. I tried different drivers. Windows reinstalled. Temperature problems ruled out (removed the side panel and pointed a fan at the graphics card. The temps never went above 60 C, but the black screen still appeared.) Stress test programs run without problems. Bios is updated. GPU is not overclocked. I have a 850W PSU. 

Some games run without problems and I never encounter this issue, like Total War Warhammer 3, Assassins Creed Valhalla. But other games have this problem regularly like Metro Exodus for example. Yesterday I tried the Modern Warfare 2 Beta and this is a severe case, as I can't play 2 matches without getting a blackscreen. 

What could it be?

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Have you scanned for corrupt system files?  Are the pcie connectors feeding the card on separate 12v rails without sharing power with other high draw peripherals?

I did the scans + windows reinstall. I just took a look at the PSU connections, disconnected everything and reconnected it. I didn't build the PC and to me it looked like one of the GPU cables might have been in the wrong slot. I will try and see if the Problem persists now. 



Problem unfortunately persists. 


Wich PSU are you using? you said it's 850w but you didn't mention the model.

Are you using daisy-chained power cables?


Using a Corsair Rm 850x. The power cables are not daisy chained. But both pcle cables have a 3rd 8-pin connector dangling off the side at the end that I plugged into the GPU. 


Hmm.. if you're using separate cables then the card is getting enough power.

When did the black screen started appearing?  Some people are getting trouble with the latest drivers. are you using 22.9.1?

Adept I

I've got RX 6800 and the same problem as u have. It's a driver problem when video (Facebook, Youtube) is on. U need to wait until be fixed.

Adept III

I used to get the same black screen while playing but usually turning monitor off/back on always worked without needing to restart pc. I changed my monitor recently and so far all looks good since then. I don't know if it was a cable/connection problem or something the gpu didn't liked about my old monitor, it wasn't a cheap monitor tho

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Adept I

Just a quick update. It turned out that the GPU was broken. Fortunately I still had warranty and could get it replaced.