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Journeyman III

Ideal temperatures for 6950xt reference model?

I built my first PC using a 6950xt reference, 5800x3D, a NH-D15 CPU cooler, 6 Noctua NF-A12x25 fans, all inside a Fractal Design Meshify C 2 case. When idle, I notice my 6950xt climb up to 60c with default tuning (zero rpm mode activated). When turning off zero rpm mode and adding a custom fan curve, I notice temps drop to ideal levels but was wondering if this is intended. Many say theirs idles at 35-45 degrees with zero rpm mode yet mine climbs. When gaming temperatures are below 80 and hovering around 70 with my fan curve. I think however that something is still wrong because when doing MWII at 4k and high settings, the fans will blow loudly.

I didn't change anything in bios, sorta just installed everything and left as is. In bios I notice my case fans are on auto mode with preference for silent operation. Should I change them to PWM mode and maybe get more air into the case? Or any tips or things I should know in general?

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