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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

i have a rx 7900xtx but vr runs very my cpu is ryzen 7 5800x3d

i got the rx 7900 xtx when it came out but vr was bad on it then i waited for the drivers to help with the vr and it still runs bad 

my gpu frame times are bad like in yellow or red  no green   i have a htc vive   i tryed the oculus  quest 2 and rift s its not the vr headset

games i play 

blade and sorcery i get 90 fps cool but it lags so much and if i get more then 1 guy in the map  i get like 70 or 80 for 1 guy 


beat saber  [  i get 90 fps the max i can get  and it lags it lags to like 50 fps back up to 90 ;/


pavlov vr     [i get 90 fps   yaaaaaaaaaa until i do anything ;/ 


but i dont get it my pancake games run fine 

ps i dont know why i still love amd   but i do ; /


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