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Journeyman III

I have a R8 M535DX, but my pc and games don't detect it.

At the time of buying my laptop they told me that I had a graphics card with 2000gb of memory. But that I did not see reflected in the games. I investigated on the subject and realized that I had 2 graphics cards, one R7 and one R8 M535DX but my pc only used the R7. At the time of installing the new Adrenalin drivers, my R8 M535DX graphics card switched to R7 M440, and the problem continues. I have read that the windows 10 drivers are not compatible, but I'm not sure and I don't know what to do. I would greatly appreciate your help.

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You need to first post the exact Make & Model (Serial Number if possible) of your Laptop including the AMD APU  you have installed.

You need to install the APU AMD Driver which automatically installs both the R7 and R8 Graphic Drivers.

If you install your Laptop's Support Graphic driver it will show correctly the Discrete GPU card you have installed which is 100% compatible and customized for your laptop.

AMD generic Laptop drivers most of the time incorrectly shows the Discrete GPU in Device Manager in the laptop. Instead it will show the Family of the GPU card installed but the Driver will work and be compatible.

Sometimes the Discrete GPU card is still supported by AMD with Driver Updates but the APU (Processor with Integrated Graphics) may not be supported with AMD driver updates. Thus if you install the latest version for your Discrete it might be incompatible with your APU Intergrated Graphics. That is why it is important to post the Make & Model of your APU processor.

I have a Lenovo ideapad 320-15ABR 80XS008HLM. CPU: AMD A12-9720P RADEON R7, 12 COMPUTE CORES 4C+8G
4 Cores.
I currently have installed Adrenalin 20.2.2. But before installing it, it didn't detect my R8 M535DX.


Thanks, inputted your Serial Number and this is the exact Laptop model you have: laptops and netbooks :: 300 series :: 320 15abr :: 80xs :: 80xs008hlmcontentdetail - US 

I would make sure you have the latest BIOS & CHIPSET installed:

Then I would uninstall your current latest AMD Driver and install Lenovo's AMD Graphics driver: laptops and netbooks :: 300 series :: 320 15abr :: 80xs :: 80xs008hlm - US 

See if your Lenovo laptop GPUs works correctly with Lenovo's own AMD Graphic driver which are 100% compatible and customized for your laptop. It should also show all your GPUs correctly.

If everything works correctly then try installing the current APU AMD Driver and see how it works correctly or not: 

This driver will install both your Integrated and Discrete AMD Graphic drivers for your GPUs.

NOTE: Make sure to delete C:\AMD installation folder from the Root Directory before installing any new AMD Drivers.