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Journeyman III

I have a problem with radeon rx 6600 in gta5

I have a problem with radeon rx 6600. In gta V I have around 20-30 fps. On youtube benchmarks its over 100 fps. In other games problem didnt happen. Whats the problem?

cpu: intel core i5 12400f
ram: Patriot 16GB (2x8GB) 3733MHz CL17 Viper Steel
motherboard: b760 tomahawk wifi ddr4
gpu: power color fighter amd radeon rx 6600


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Adept I

  • Is this happening to all games? You're underwhelmed by the FPS with every game you play?
  • Graphic Settings: I tried benchmarking Red Dead Redemption 2 on max graphics and got very poor results on my 6600 until I realized in several videos some settings don't show a lot of visual difference are are just a huge drain on your GPU/CPU. Did you check how to optimize graphic settings?

Forgive me for asking the dumbest questions:

  • Are your drivers recent? Did you install the latest ones?
  • Is your computer suuuuper dusty? Like your CPU fan is clogged with hair, fur and dust?

No in other games i have normal fps. In battlefield 5 i have around 60 fps. I dont really have heavy games to test it. Yes i have the newest drivers I use amd software adrenalin edition. In gta 5 i change some grpahic settings but fps increase only about 10-15. Mayby the problem is that i switched from nvidia gt 1030 but i uninstal all drivers. No i have a clean computer its realy new. I asemble it in July and clean a few times. obraz_2023-12-09_221545189.png


Thanks for clarifying, if you have an issue only with GTA here is why I strongly believe graphic settings might be responsible:

Worth noting:

Download a DDU (Driver Display Uninstaller) when you want to change graphic cards so you can uninstall all drivers of your previous GPU brand, will help you get a clean install. Keep us posted!