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Journeyman III

How to modify the dedicated memory in system level?

I am using Asus Zenbook, which comes with AMD 6800U APU. The APU comes with AMD Radeon 680M. And it is ROCm compatible. Thus I would like to use it to run some PyTorch Application (e.g. Stable Diffusion).


I setup the environment and PyTorch (ROCm version) and it detects my graphic card successfully. It can use simple object detection library. However when it comes to Stable Diffusion the application said it got out of memory (OOM) error. Then I thought I should modify the dedicated memory and then I went to BIOS. However I couldn't find the corresponding setting inside the BIOS. I contacted ASUS and they said this is not the value user should be able to touch. And they set the Dedicated Memory Value to 512MB, as per AMD suggestion. But it would cause the OOM error.


This is the output of the rocm-smi command

$ rocm-smi --showmeminfo vram

========================= ROCm System Management Interface =========================

=============================== Memory Usage (Bytes) ===============================

GPU[0] : VRAM Total Memory (B): 536870912

GPU[0] : VRAM Total Used Memory (B): 336417792


=============================== End of ROCm SMI Log ================================


So I would like to know if it is possible to modify the number of dedicated memory in the system level? Thanks in advance

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Journeyman III

To adjust the amount of dedicated memory, you'll need to modify the memory settings within the BIOS. The setting also appears on my laptop. The BIOS must also have this feature and users can configure the dedicated memory setting.


I suppose you need to get in touch with the support.