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Journeyman III

How fix stuttering for asrock challenger 5700xt


First of all I want to say that I am French.

I have the 5700xt asrock challenger 

that I bought new from a specialty store. The rest of my configuration will be found at the end of the message.

Since the beginning I have stuttering when a lot of play.

I reinstalled W10 cleanly with all optimizations, used versions of Adrenaline Recommended, Optional, Pro and nothing helps.

I also looked at the temperatures, I did the undervolt (1905mhz 1025/1950 1107 / 2000mhz 1150), set the powersupply to +50 and no change.

In the options I have freesync activate / limit fps to 140 and that's it. I still tried several other options which did not change anything.

Resize bar on or off does not change anything.

nothing to report on the cpu

I would like some help please. thanks in advance

Zalman s3 / Tuf b450 plus gaming / 4x8gb crucial ballistix 3200mhz XMP on / Ryzen 5 5600xt stock / LDLC by seasonic 750w 80+ platinium / cooler master ml240l rgb / 1x ssd sataIII 500gb / 1x ssd kindton m2 500gb / 5700 xt asrock challenger /

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