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Journeyman III

How do you install drivers on a Radeon 3000 Graphics card?

I've been trying to get Minecraft to work on my child's computer, but it won't work. Every time I attempt to open the game, through both the regular minecraft laucher and Badlion client, it says I'm having an issue with my graphics card. So I went to my device manager, and it told me that there weren't any drivers installed on my device, so I tried to update the card and it said that the graphics card was up to date. Then I decided to go on the AMD website and download the window 8 software. And when I tried to apply it, it displayed the same message stating my graphics card was up to date. How do I get minecraft to work? 

I've attached images

Thank you for your help

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First your Radeon 3000 is not supported by AMD driver updates.

You are correct, the last driver was for Windows 8 for 2013.  You probably won't find anything newer than that driver.

You can try and go to your motherboard's Support download page and see if by any chance they have a newer driver for your embedded  Motherboard IGPU.

Here are the specs for your IGPU: ATI Radeon 3000 IGP Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database 

Here are Minecraft's Minimum and Recommended Hardware requirements:

I seriously doubt your Radeon 3000 can run Minecraft no matter how new of a driver you have installed.