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Journeyman III

how do i fix RX 470 4gb no display after flashed

hello everyone i tried to fix my rx 470 becuase i got error code 43 and i searched couple youtube videos and it said that you need to flash and i tried a bios ati driver so i could flash the rx470 after that i restarted the computer and i got no display (im gonna be honest i didnt know what i was doing) 

so after i restarted my computer the fans started spinning but nothing else was turning on (no display and some other stuff) 

my pc specs is 

i5 4570 

motherboard :

hewlett-packard model 1998 

version L01 v02. 70 

and for the gpu i think it was samsung model last time i checked (before bricked it sadly) 

if there is a way to fix it please let me know about it it would really help a lot 


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