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Adept II

hot spot temp issue

I have got the 6700xt mech non oc edition and when i'm playing games the temp is pretty cool anywhere from 50c to 68c depending on the game but I have noticed the junction temprature shots up to 110c, even if the card is at 68c the junction will hit 110c. I have seen on google the hot spot temprature should only be about 10/20c higher than the gpu temp, but this gpu is hitting over 50c when it comes to hot spot temprature. 


There is plenty of airflow in my case, it's a clean build, no cables or wires in the way, I have 3 120m on the front, 2 140s on the top and 120m on the back. I don't know if it's a poor card assembly causing this to happen or maybe the sensor on the gpu is inaccurate? 


People have complained once they hit 110c the gpu downclocks but when this gpu hits 110c it doesn't downclock what so ever it keeps the boost clocks and doesn't drop. 

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