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Adept I

High junction temps 6800 XT (FE)

Hi there,

I just installed my brand-new 6800 XT and noticed very high temperatures on the junction sensor. In-game temperatures immediately rise to 110 a 112 degrees celcius. The chip itself sits at 65 degrees celsius. Fans are maxing out at around 2000 RPM, which is very noisy. My case is quite big and has 2 200mm fans and temps are the same when I take the side panel off. Should I RMA the card, or is this completely normal?

Thanks in advance!


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Adept I

It seems really high indeed. My 6800 XT is not even reaching 100 degrees. I'd suggest you to RMA it.


Obviously don't RMA like that last guy just said, at least try some troubleshooting first before doing so.

Will be helpful to include your full build soecs and what you have tried already

Any specific settings/fan curves done in the radeon software etc


Thanks, I haven't changed anything in the settings, everything is on auto and default. Even with the fans spinning at 2000 RPM the heat won't go down..

Specs: i7 8700K @ stock 
            16gb of ram
            Asus Prime Z370-P mainboard
            A Cooler Master HAF 922 case
            Corsair RM650x PSU




Yeah I think it's too much, I hate the fact my card is always with VRAM at max clock even when I'm idle because of my monitor refresh rate so the temp is already high for no useful reason, but your temps are really too high, maybe it's going to work anyway but those temps are symptoms of a faulty gpu anyway.


But the weird thing is that gpu temps are great. Maybe the junction sensor is broken?
Btw, it's not around 105c-112c all the time, it mostly hovers in the mid 90's


My junction never reaches 100 degrees even with the heaviest benchmarks like with the ray tracing Port Royal benchmark. I don't remember exactly the value but it's far from 100 I think in the low to mid 90s.

I contacted AMD and according to them 110C is no problem because the gpu can handle hotspot temperatures up to 120C. I am not buying this.. The gpu clearly isn't capable of cooling itself properly if you compare it to other reference 6800 XT's.


Maybe they are right, this is an official statement to PCgamer from AMD: Operating at up to 110C Junction Temperature during typical gaming usage is expected and within spec," AMD explains. In essence, the Junction reading represents the hottest part of the GPU.

So you should be within the specs, the only thing I don't like is the fact other 6800 XT FE cards are not reaching that temp normally, so something is not ok with that card.

I think now it's your choice if you want to proceed to RMA it. Keep in mind AMD already stated GPU production is not yet normalized so think twice before sending it back, because you may wait a lot of time before you get a new one. Maybe you should wait a better moment since the GPU is not giving you real problems right now other than the temp itself.


Biggest thing I noticed in your set up is the PSU Corsair RM650x PSU, 650 for that 6800xt is bare bones. I wonder if that could be relating to it. I run a 1000wat PSU just to give my self plenty of room between the GPU and everything else.

If possible if you could test the gpu with a more powerful PSU.  I have seen issues from the PSU being too low for the newer cards.

But it is correct around the temps able to handle up to 110, over that is when it'll start throttling etc but yes you don't want to see that all the time.

But again before sending it back I'd run a few tests. As someone said the chances of getting a replacement could be very low and it's best to test everything before going through that long winded process.

  • Use ddu to uninstall all previous/current graphics drivers and reinstall fresh.
  • Checking if everything is correctly set up in the pc, connection, case airflow and improper fan configurations etc
  • Checking bios settings
  • But i'd at least start with trying some fan curves in radeon software to see 
  • Could try undervolt it also to see if that makes any change

Also if you check around online and on here there's a blast of threads with people talking about the same type of issue, you might find something useful there.

eg -


The 12v rail is 54A and I haven't overclocked anything so the PSU should be enough. My brother has the same PSU and also a reference 6800 XT, it runs fine (about 15c cooler). What bios settings are you referring to? I could try some fan curves, but even at 2000 RPM the card stays between 105c-110c.. I have no experience with undervolting, but it might be worth a try.