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Graphics Cards

Adept I

High Demand for GPU and CPU

Tell me if im wrong, but i think the high demand for the GPUs und CPUs comes from Intel, releasing only garbage and Nvidia releasing the 2000 Series for insane prices, so that practicly everyone wants to upgrade at the same time after some decent stuff was released at the end of this year.... and yeah if heard about the wafer story at TSMC, but doesnt this make sense?

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It's certainly part of the problem.

I think the main problem is the silicon is just split between 2 many products.

Sony has announced they plan to manufacture 10 million PS5's

I'm sure Microsoft are planning a huge amount of Xbox's too.

Doesn't seem like it leaves much silicon left for The 5000 series CPU's and the 6000 series GPU's.

I certainly hope it gets better soon though