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Journeyman III

Help!, RX 570 not working -> No signal/Infinite BIOS LOOP


I am seeking help for a stupid situation of mine. I bought recently an rx570 4gb (sapphire nitro+) (used) and i tried to switch my old gpu with the new one (r7 260x 1gb). I encountered of course some problems and i tried to solve on my own , searched the internet.... but i couldnt get to find the solution. Here is the problem . The old Gpu works (it has DVI, HDMI , DP) my monitor and TV have HDMI  VGA , the new gpu has DP DVI HDMI , I have VGA , DVI and HDMI cables only and the Motherboard has only DVI and VGA.Here is the problem -> So when i connected the new GPU there was no signal, so the idea was to check if my card would be visible through the device manager using the IGPU. i First turned on the IGPU by turning on in the BIOS the Primary Graphics Adapter -> Onboard (with the old GPU in the system), everything worked fine .Then i took out the old GPU and turned on the system and everything worked fine. Now i tried it with the new GPU but instead of getting into Windows it throws me into the Bios and whenever i tried to exit the BIOS i threw right back into the BIOS. The new GPU spins up (the fans) and the sapphire logo lights up. I know some of you might tell me it's dead.... maybe it is ... but i want to try my best and figure out if its not something else, if i wont be able to i will return it and get my money back. P.S i connected the cables properly and the PSU is ok .

My system

i5-2500k (3.7GHz)

8GB RAM (2x4)

Q77M Asrock

Windows 10

r7 260x 1gb gigabyte-> rx 570 4gb nitro+

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