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Journeyman III

HELP! my r9 390 strix goes to 95c whenever i do anything slightly graphical

Hello! SO yesterday I clean out my pc with compressed air after a few years of dust build up. I tried to take off the front panel of my gpu but that did not work so i put all the screws back in but 2 that i could not get back in. Those screws only held the plastic frame to 1 half of the gpu that is it. When i went back to turn my pc on whenever i tried to watch a twitch stream my graphics card would hit 95c instantly and the fans would get really loud. The issue is the back plate of the graphics card is not hot AT ALL. I'm very confused because this started happening AFTER i cleaned it out with compressed air.


Can anyone help me please??


Graphics card: r9 390 strix 

i can post my other pc specs if I need to. 

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