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Journeyman III

Help me with my rx470. revelation online

Could someone help me with this problem? I have an AMD xfx 470 4Gb, it's been a while that I'm trying to play online revelation again, because of an error that this cannot be accomplished: (... I open the game normally, the monitor doesn't even pass 2 minutes stays with the black screen and when it comes back it looks like this. 1.png
With the blade & soul the monitor turns black and comes back.

Config PC.

Intel pentium g4560 3.50GHz

xfx redeon rx 470 4 GB

motherboard H110M PRO-VH PLUS

SSD 240 GB - HDD fujitsu 1TB

memory 8,00 Gb RAM

WIN 10 x64 PRO Ver. 10.0.18363 comp. 18363.

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