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Having FSP issues where it fails to show FPS

As stated above. I have setup the software as it should work and set up the performance as I require.

The first time I installed the card into my motherboard and booted up it all worked perfectly, however 24 hours later I have lost all performance. I do not have FPS available, have N/A displayed, and there is no way via any settings to get this back to how it was. This means, even though the card is great, I cannot run the card even close to its full potential. 


Above are the settings for the game and its limit on Refresh rate 60Hz and Frame rate 200, however I have Xbox FPS showing at 60, and not 200 as it should, and its not even being registered by AMD's "AMD Radeon™ Graphics and the AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition™" application. Now 24 hours previously it was running the game at 200FPS and very stable, not dropping below 200 frames. But sadly today, 24 hours later, I cannot go over 60. 
Now I have tested to see if lowering the Hz down to its minimum available amount, 23Hz, with just 30 FPS and it dropped it to 30 as expected, and then increased to 60 FPS and it increased to 60 FPS, however it still does not register in AMDs Adrenalin software, which is crazy as there have been No changed since the day before. 


As you can see above this is exactly what I see when looking at the FPS. Now unless there are settings which I have missed, or need to use to have the FPS actually work above 60 FPS, then I am at a little loss.

My system is
Win 11




My monitor is actually a 4k TV 43"UHD_LCD_TV and I use the HDMI connection to connect the PC to the TV. I haven't had issues in the past with other company made cards, 1660ti which I ran in 4k with great performance, and yes this 6950 has shown me in games like Elite Dangerous extra things which I did not have the ability to see when using the 1660Ti, which was great, but again the performance just isn't there now and I have lost all the great content I had less than 24 hours ago.

If anybody knows the settings I should be using, or better adjustable software which will give me better FPS then I would really apricate the help. Its not like any of the games I run need a high FPS rate but sitting at 60 and no way to increase it is just crazy when 24 hours earlier I was getting 200 smooth.




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