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Graphics card keeps flickering...

Hello... First post here...

I have a "flickering" issue on my ATi Radeon HD7750 Graphics card...

Hopefully the above video can help explain my issue.

In addition, I include my system specs...

  • Windows 7 Professional (x64) (Fully up to date)
  • AMD FX-8350 x 8 @ 4GHz
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM @ 1600MHz
  • 250GB Samsung 840 Evo SSD,
  • 525GB Crucial MX500 (this is where my games are currently saved)
  • 2TB Seagate Barracuda Compute (where I save Fraps recordings)
  • 250GB Hitachi Deskstar (old drive I had laying about that I have mounted to various folders on my SSD, for example, a 10GB partition for Windows updates)
  • MSI 890FXA-DG65 motherboard (I chose this board for all of it's PCI-E slots)
  • LG Blu-ray Writer (which I use to burn backups of my files to)
  • I also have an NVIDIA GeForce 7300LE (this is for a secondary display only, I still get flickering when it is disabled, or not attached to the system), this is connected via a VGA cable when it is on.
  • Philips 243 24" monitor (connected via HDMI)
  • Driver details for my graphics card is 19.2.2 and the date is February 12th, 2019 (I am about to update to 19.3.1 to see if this fixes this issue.

It may be worth noting that this problem also happens on Windows 10 Professional (x64) as well.

This is a very frustrating problem that I cannot seem to resolve, and I am sure it has to be the graphics card drivers, as I read that this is a known issue and that there does not appear to be a fix for it.

When will AMD find a fix for this most annoying problem?

**UPDATE**  Just installed 19.3.1 and I get the same issue.

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Just as I thought, nobody cares!