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Journeyman III

GPU Usage drops to 0% RX 5700 xt

A month ago upgraded my CPU from r5 2600x to r5 5600. Since then in the most of my games I see lag spikes 1-2 sec long. Happens periodically. Gpu usage drops to 0% and power consumption to around 20%. I've tried reinstalling drivers and undervolting. Windows hangs too while it happens. 
My specs: 
Ryzen 5 5600
Gigabyte RX 5700 XT Gaming OC
RAM: Crucial 32gb 2800ghz
PSU: Be Quiet! System Power 9 600W
Memory: 120gb Kingston SSD; 1 TB Samsung m.2 ssd 970 EVO; 1 TB WD Blue HDD. Happens with games on both drives, not using the 120gb one for games.

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