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Journeyman III

GPU usage Droping to zero (Rx6600)

My configs 

i7 11700

16gb ram DDR4 3000mhz

Gamemax PSU 650w 80plus 

RX 6600

Windows 110


Guys, i got this rig for like 8 months 

Now im having trouble like 2 months ago

All games have the same trouble

Everything is running fine, gpu most of the time is on 99%

With good fps and everything

But sometimes the gpu usage drops to 0% for like 10 seconds and then comeback to normal

These are the things that i've already tried to do 
1 - Change windows to 10 or 11 with a clean instalation(Format everything)

2 - Install all necessary drivers for my pc

3 - Not install the drivers too

4 - Install only the games and AMD drivers to run the game

5 - Not having any programs running with the game

6 - Reinstall old amd drivers

As i said, i didnt have this trouble for a long time, but it started recently

PS - Right now i've seen another forum saying that i have to deactivate AMD freesync, I'm trying right now, if the problems come back, i will say here


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Journeyman III

Someone ?? help please