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Journeyman III

gpu not working

PROBLEM: I instaled a rx5500xt 8gb last week and doesnt work, its fans dont move, gpu isn't detected in dev manager, bios says my pcie slot is empty, when i connect the gpu to the psu the pc will turn on but i have no display just a black screen, but when i turn off the pc the gpu fans move a little bit [they dont rotate they just move for a second]

THINGS IVE TRIED: reseting bios, checking the pcie slot and gpu and both connections are not damadged, installing the corect drivers.  

pc specs, cpu: i5 8600k    mb: msi b365 pro-vdh      ram:1x8 gb ddr4 2600mhz    500w psu    gpu:amd radeon rx5500xt 8gb   

Please hepl i dont know how to fix

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