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Journeyman III

GPU mining question from noob - RX580 undervolt question

GPU mining question from noob: I have 3 RX580's on a 750W gold PSU times 2 (6 cards on two 750W PSU's).  This is my first rig and I am having an issue with the system shutting down within 10 minutes of hashing.  I believe it is because the GPU's are drawing too much power.  So, how do I undervolt the cards so that each card is pulling less than 150W?  Thanks.

Note: I am keeping the temp's on each card under 75C with 6 high power fans.

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According to this Website : PSU REQUIREMENTS - RealHardTechX . three RX-580 in Crossfire requires a minimum PSU System Wattage of 1000 watts. Even though you don't have it in Crossfire it still needs 1000 watts for three RX 580 cards to run properly under heavy loads.

This is Bitcoin Mining Forum which will be very useful for you in getting information on how to setup your mining rig to work correctly:


Thank you very much for the references.  I just exchange the two 750's with two 1050 platinums.  Will install today and see what happens.  Will also do more research on tweaking parameters.