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Adept I

GPU core speed runs low when GPU usage is 100%

I'm having a ridiculous incident. My CPU speed works normally, but when the GPU usage is 99% - 100%, my GPU core speed is running at low speed. When GPU usage changes, ie 100% usage is not available, the normal GPU runs at the core speed. The GPU memory clock is working normally and I am not experiencing a drop in it. The BIOS has been updated, I've tried the video card drivers in order, and I'm having the same status in most of them. If the GPU core speed is high, my FPS values are doubled. Warming is out of the question, when GPU usage does not use 100%, it works at 65 degrees at 1046MHz. However, when GPU usage is 99 - 100%, it runs at a core speed of 500 - 600 MHz and the temperature is 55 - 60 degrees. I would say that if it works at high core speed for some time, it will decrease because of the heat, but not because it uses 100% at 500-600 MHz directly opposite FurMark. CPU usage is between 30% and 45% on average. There is no speed reduction or braking on the processor, and it works comfortably because it is installed on an external graphics card.

Processor: Ryzen 5 2500U.
Video card: Radeon 540.
RAM: 4x2 8GB DDR4 2400MHz.

Note: There is no SSD in the system, but I am not experiencing a 100% HDD usage problem.

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