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Journeyman III

gpu buzzing sound

My rx 6800xt makes a buzzing sound i have heard it coil whine is there a way to fix it

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Adept III

Is it new? What PSU are you using, how are the power cables connected what make/model is the card?

My 6950xt  had extreme coil whine and was using a 750watt PSU but was of good quality and actually ran ok but I had to use a adapter for my 3rd power connector until I could replace with my newer 1050watt. But before that I ran MSIKombustor to break it in running the test that made the most coil noise and after a couple days the coil noise was reduced. I can still hear it if my frame rates are really high during game menu's or during loads, but long as I use v-sync or frame limits its mostly silent.

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