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Journeyman III

Gigabyte AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT, Pixelation occurs with a graphics card crash.

With my current graphics card I seem to suffer from occasional disconnects, whenever these happen it causes a strange pixelation normally in patterns, for some things like Deathloop the game will just crash if I give it a little bit, for other things like VLC player (VLC seems to get by far the most pixelation when it happens) the whole computer visually freezes up but either way I can normally do a ctrl alt del, up, enter, up, enter and it will restart my computer.
These crashes normally occur far more often on games, but it seems inconsistent, things like Table Top Simulator (Steam) or Sea of Thieves (Xbox PC Launcher) are some of the most reliable for causing these crashes, to the point where if I'm unlucky I could have 2 or 3 crashes in a 6 hour period with something like TTS. Meanwhile I never had an issue playing through the entirity of Sekiro (Steam), though on rare occasions I can have something like Firefox when using Youtube, Netflix, or Foundry VTT in browser cause this issue.

Due to perhaps the incorrect vernacular, I've struggled to search for this exact issue up online, generally finding issues different from my own. I put the computer together myself and tried reinstalling my graphics card physically but saw no change and have also reinstalled the drivers for the card. Since it's all new stuff I imagine I've either got a bum card or some sort of settings or compatibility that I've got set up is wrong. Here are two examples of the pixelation, though normally the background would be a game or browser frozen with the glitching pixels on top of it.
Example 1  &
I will note these normally happen with the game graphics frozen but still largely visible, they're just a bit more difficult to capture.

I have also checked the event log and this what always appears, I do get a fair few DistributedCOM warnings such as this  and this but looking those up online have generally led me to people saying they're perfectly fine to ignore.

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