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Journeyman III

Getting random blackscreens during DX12 and Vulkan games SOLVED

What was my issue?
I was getting black screens for about 2s during games.

I'd been looking at multiple posts in this forum most were of no help.
What did help was the suggestion to launch games with DX11, while others were saying the gpu was overloading the monitor with data.

This got me thinking what the actual issue might be, as overloading the monitor makes no real sense.

The solution for me was:


I'm not sure if I enabled this or if it automatically noticed that I had such a chip in my monitor.
My guess it that the chip is too old and AMD is too lazy to properly communicate with it when using newer libraries such as DX12 and Vulkan.
The black screens are likely the result of sending the monitor information in a (for the older chip) illegible format, (probably a small deviation) resulting in the display disconnecting and reconnecting (for me about 2s).
To clarify I can now launch games in DX12 and Vulkan as long as AMD FreeSync is disabled.

If you do not suffer the exact same behavior of black screens you likely have one of the other various backscreen issues found on this forum.

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