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Adept II

games freeze rx5700xt

I cant play or listen to anything, iv now sent 2 tickets to support and one replied, they asked for a DXdiag after I reinstalled windows and drivers and have not got back to me after 3 days. 

the other (a week ago) still nothing.

I cant play any games without the card freezing and quitting the game. or sometimes windows just restarts after a few minutes in any game.

im 100% sure its the GPU as my old rx 570 8GB worked fine with all games and windows.

if im lucky enough to enjoy gaming I then cant use AMD audio as its like listening to a scratched record. it breaks in and out more times than a break dancer in a competition.

any news? also no one has replied to my other ticket either...….
just launched world of warships and cant play that either. 
I get this is new tech and all but seriously you should actually test drivers and products before releasing. 
either way im returning the card now. 
customer service is as good as the card and trust me the card is useless
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Adept II

  • cx750 psu
  • ASUS X470 Rog Crosshair VII Hero Motherboard
  • Ryzen 7 2700
  • 32GB GSkillz 3200Mhz
  • RX5700XT

same problem