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Journeyman III

Game set to high performance but runs in power saving (laptop)


I have an HP 15-bw024nv laptop with an AMD A12- 9720P APU Quad Core and a Radeon 530 4GB DDR3. Under device manager the GPUs listed are AMD Radeon 535DX and AMD Radeon R7 Graphics.

I am using Radeon Software Version 17.7 which was automatically downloaded from the AMD site.Windows is updated and i updated the drivers of the GPUs from device manager. My problem is that when i set something to run at High Performace in the switchable graphics settings it will then run on power saving mode. I have tested this with League of Legends (which should be no problem for the Radeon 530 4GB)  i was getting low frames. I open the setting i switch to high performance and everything LOL related to high performance and i still got the same frames. I then open the switchable graphics monitoring tab and i see that it is running on power saving mode. Can anyone help me or does anyone else have the same issue? I tried everything i could think of now don't know what else to do. Thanks.

*Using Windows 10 Home


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Journeyman III

there are several people that have the same problem including me (Game Forced to Power Saving Mode at Switchable Graphic Option ), but bro let me tell you, you can wait for centuries here, but there is no one that will answer the question, there is only 1 solution : "NEVER USE AMD ANYMORE, THEIR APU+GPU SYSTEM SO MESSED UP, TIME TO MOVE ONTO NVIDIA" they dont actually care about this minor problem, since us the laptop user is just a little portion of their customer, and it doesnt matter even if we move on.

Journeyman III

Try this: