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Journeyman III

Freeze Screen While Gaming on AMD Radeon HD 7800

Well , i've started experience freeze screens after the last update of amd driver  (21.4.3)

When i get in game my screen is freezing for 4-5-10 seconds ( i even can hear the sounds and the mouse) and after it acts normal;

Here is a list of things i made  for trying  to fix the bug:

-Trying to downgrad older versions (17-21);

-I used DDu unistaller for a clean install;

-I also used and AmdCleanerUtillity;

-I Tried to install the driver in safe mode;

-I extracted the driver and i have tried to install it manually from  device manager;

-i reinstalled windows;

-i used the standard mode when the Amd driver was asking me what mode to use;

-I have the highest performance plan in power option and in amd drvier and also in amd driver settings;

Help please.

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