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Journeyman III

FreeSync Flicker

I am a newbie here and would like to get some help from the community:
   When FreeSync is on, flicker can occur if the frame rate goes out the FreeSync range. For eg: If the FreeSync range is 48-165 Hz, flicker can occur if the frame rate is 45 Hz. One solution is to use the Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) tool to set the lower limit of the FreeSync range to a smaller value. In this case, we can try setting 40-165 Hz.
I got some related questions:
1. I read a number of posts online and all posts mention about flicker caused when the frame rate goes below the lower limit (48 Hz in this example). Can flicker occur if the frame rate goes above the upper limit (165 Hz in this example)?
2. If the fix is to change the range, it seems that it is a range issue not a FreeSync issue. Why doesn't the flicker occur when FreeSync is turned off?
3. Does G-Sync have similar flicker issue when the frame rate goes out the the G-Sync range?
4. The CRU tool can be used to adjust the FreeSync range. The AMD and Nvidia Control Panel also have a Custom Resolution feature. Can that be used instead of the CRU tool?

5. Does FreeSync2 have the same flicker issue when the framerate if out of range?



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Changing FreeSync range does not solve the flickering problem if the minimum FreeSync hertz is being decreased. This will only change FPS value for which the flickering problem is apparent. This problem usually appears in low FPS. This problem does not appear in high FPS. If this problem becomes evident in high FPS, the display driver may be trying to run high FPS values with low vertical frequencies. When FreeSync is disabled, the problem may not occur because there is no vertical frequency change causing flickering problem. I know there is no program other than CRU that can change FreeSync range.

Try 60-165 FreeSync range to fix flickering problem. Disable "AMD External Events Utility" service and restart the system. Turning this service off will ensure that FreeSync feature does not work for games in window mode. Running games in windowed mode with FreeSync or GSYNC support can cause similar problems. Stuttering may occur instead of flickering.

The monitor model with flickering problem and the games can be reported to AMD with that... 

Thanks for the response. I got some follow-up questions:

1. When FreeSync is off, isn't there still a vertical frequency range?

2. Does FreeSync2 have the same issue?

3. Does G-Sync have the same issue if the fps is below the lower limit?


Answers to your questions are that...

1) No, Vertical frequency does not change (so monitor hertz value and vertical frequency value remain the same), when FreeSync is disabled.

For example:

You get 45 FPS. In 40-165 FreeSync range, vertical frequency sets to 45 hertz by the display driver.

You get 45 FPS. In 48-165 FreeSync range, vertical frequency sets to 90 hertz by the display driver.

So your panel is probably flickering because vertical frequency shows high momentary changes.

Or because the display driver is not working properly, you always see images with the lowest vertical frequency and the problem is very annoying.

A human eye cannot detect flickering problems on a monitor with high refresh rate (or vertical refresh rate). I think these are the reason you are having this problem. So your panel is flickering with low hertz values and FreeSync is not working properly and you feel the flickering problem.

2) The advantage of FreeSync 2 is HDR support. The problem you are having is panel quality and the display driver not working properly.

3) I also used two different GPUs. It is very difficult for me to find a difference between nVidia (with VSYNC) and Radeon  (with FRTC) for 48-144 hertz FreeSync range. But when I make my FreeSync range to 30-144 hertz, nVidia is superior. Radeon driver creates stutterings to prevent flickering in 30-48 FPS range for me.

Journeyman III

I'd like to confirm the following.

You get 45 FPS. In 48-165 FreeSync range, vertical frequency sets to 90 hertz by the display driver.

It's the change from 45 to 90 Hz that is causing the flicker?



Yes... I think...

I wrote to you what I know in detail. Changing the FreeSync range does not solve your problem and can only partially reduce. You probably have a problem with the driver. You should install the latest display driver and send report to AMD with that... 
You should report the monitor make and model to AMD.

Journeyman III

I appreciate all your help. I got some basic question on the technology:

If I use a FreeSync1 monitor, there is no Low-Frame Rate Compensation (LFC) feature. When FPS is 45, vertical frequency remains at 45 Hz. Freesync range is 48-165. Will flicker occur?


When FreeSync range is 48-165, vertical frequency does not fall to 45 and it probably remains at 90.

If you are changing FreeSync range, you must restart your computer for applying changes.

In short, 45 FPS should be displayed with 90 hertz not 45, with 48-165 FreeSync range.

Your panel probably has the problem of flickering for 45 hertz beacuse of the display driver, you should use 60-165 hertz FreeSync range, I think.


I found a Solution just right now for all Monitors that suffer from flickering if you turn Freesync on its not the monitor producing that flickering its a option in amd adrenalin that is enabled called freesync premium. If your monitor only have standard freesync turn that off. You have to go to Gaming and on the right side where you can see Amd Freesync above that there is a button called Global Settings click on that and then you will see the Freesync Premium option you can turn on or off.

I hope i could help with this solution ^^.


I just realised that the Freesync Premium option i mentioned turns Freesync off if you switch it.  :smileyfrustrated:

So flase alarm sorry i thought for a moment its meant to support only monitors that have Freesync Premium so why should they call it that way... strange.

It only turns on VRR = variable refresh rate thats it.

Journeyman III

Adept I


  I used to get brightness flickering in games, particularly halo infinite and crysis remastered, ever since patch 22.3.2 (with freesync turned on).

  How I fixed it was to turn on (in the monitor setup, with the buttons on the bottom of the screen)  mprt, smartresponse to fastest, and resolution notification to on, and BAM, no more annoying flickering!

Journeyman III

Can you please elaborate it! I have immense flickering issue which I want to solve. Cause my monitor does not have all these options.


Sorry, bud, I was mistaken.  I had MPRT turned on, which you can't do with freesync at all apparently.  I just THOUGHT it was on and was working, it seems.  The horrible screen tearing should have given it away   Sorry to get your hopes up bro, I still cant get freesync filckering to stop.