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Journeyman III

Framerate drops on desktop and/or games when second monitor is active

Hi all, 

I've recently upgraded to an AMD Radeon RX6700 and I've noticed since this, when I am playing games/watching videos, if I am watching a Twitch/Discord stream or another video on the second display I get severe framerate drops. I do notice an upturn in frames if I have my second display turned off.  Are there any settings/configurations that I need to change so this doesn't happen? I've also noticed that sometimes after booting up my PC, all my desktop and windows will be "lagging" and to get it to stop I have to turn off the Desktop record and turn it back on again.

Main display: 1440p 144Hz
Second display: 1080p 60Hz
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600x (SAM enabled)
GPU: Radeon RX 6700 (drivers always latest version)
RAM: 32GB 4x8 3200mHz RAM Corsair Vengeance

Games I experience this on:
Elden Ring (even on medium preset video settings I struggle for 60fps
RuneLite (OldSchool RuneScape) yes the browser game...
Escape from Tarkov


Any help/tips greatly appreciated

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