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Adept I

FPS drop in games

Good afternoon people

My video card is an RX550 2GB

I've been having a lot of FPS drop in games for a while. This happens after a few months of using Win10, because whenever I format this problem is solved, but I can't always format it, because I don't have time.

Games drop FPS even without Vsync enabled, which is pretty fluctuating on that. I've already tried decreasing the graphics, but I think that's not the problem, because even on the lowest it happens.

I'm also not having any problems with the HD or my SSD while the games are running.

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I would suggest that you watch this video and follow the recommendations since this helped me tremendously to overcome frame drops and stuttering in Fortnite:

good afternoon friend, thank you for your attention

I followed these videos and some more from this youtuber, but I didn't feel any difference, I even thought it was Vsync, I disabled it in a game that runs at 100fps, but it drops a lot from 100 to 15 and then to 100 again, and there's none sudden action happening in the game