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Journeyman III

FPS counter disappears from AMD Overlay

I have Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 and sometimes framerate counter just disappears from the AMD Overlay. However I can still see GPU and CPU temperature and usage. I usually have to restart the game to get framerate visible again.

I tried reinstalling Windows 10 and also tried two different drivers but still the same issue.

Any help? I can't use MSI Afterburner OSD since it causes screen flickering and problems with overclocking.

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Hello! It's an old one and the issue still hasn't been fixed.
Like you i use radeon metrics overlay only when afterburner+riva can't be used or have compatibility issues (reduced perfomance on idtech6 for instance). When fps counter disappers it ususally enough in my case to kill radeon settings + radeon settings dekstop overlay processes in task manager and open radeon settings again.
You can report it directly to AMD: 

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Journeyman III

I have noticed it by accident but it seems it disappears when you run an application in "fullscreen windowed" mode. It has to run fullscreen and the counter shows up. 

I hope it helps have a nice day.

Journeyman III

In case anyone finds this topic I found a fix by accident. I have the fx580 with an ASUS VS247 and was using the DVI connector (did not like how HDMI handled). Was reading up on a new monitor and changes to HDMI and realized I may have been using a really old cable so upgraded to a 2.0 cable and worked like a charm PLUS my FPS is back and performance reports now show up.

Have to wonder if AMD is no longer supporting older video connections.