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For Them Who have random crash or growing Temperature

I had several random crashes with abrupt supply cut . This happened generally after i put my 2nd 1080p screen but not every times . Yesterday i had some hudge growing junction temperature to 110 °C in usual game ; the parameter i changed on adrenalin was HDCP set to off and another parameter set to off improving number of fps keeping a good quality .

Yesterday , the junction T° stayed high in game ,always growing despite computer restarts , cutting off suddenly the PC supply .

The supply cut could happpened before several times , even at cold , with wattman crash message after windows 10 return .

I think that all these problems has obviously a GPU card power management problem and with wattman .

So when i put on adrenalin : parameters -> settings -> GPU -> undervoltage , that always resolved my problems until now and yesterday .

My system : 7900 XTX , Windows 10 22H2 , latest gpu and X570 drivers desinstalled and installed after windows 10 were updated to 22H2 .

For dev : i have always the 1080p 2nd screen displayed in half vertical full horizontal if not 3D ( blurry ) mode is set on windows . Maybe the multi screen is an origin of wattman crash and supply cut .


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Update : Sorry to post it so late but , for a while , now , to avoid randomp crashes , you must put power options to perzonnalized . I think the most important is to put the bar setting the frequency at 2850 - 2900 ( or 2950 ?) Mhz max . What i do to use less power is to put other setting to minimum and if i want more fps , i put all other settings to max ( cvoltage 1150 , consumption energy limit at max , acess memory of course ) BUT frequency at 2900-2950  max ( or a little less) . If it always crashes , lower a little max frequency .

All settings are in peformances > Settings > Personnalize > if needed activate with cursor setting by setting .