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Journeyman III

FMF not the best on 6000 series?

I have a 6800 xt Red Devil. I get 80-85ish fps in CP2077 (4k FSR Quality) but for some reason when I turn on FMF it actually makes gaming worse. I don't think it's the latency, it's more so that it feels less fluid ironically enough. Just ever so slightly more stuttery when it's on. Im not even making quick camera movements to where it gets disabled briefly. Yes Adrenalin reports i have 130-140 fps but it feels more micro-stuttery than just playing with it toggled off.

I have V-sync turned off. Freesync on with my Sony M9 monitor. Maybe anti-lag+ on 7000 series makes this usable? Idk. It's a preview driver but I'm wondering if anyone else is having this experience.

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