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Journeyman III

flickering trees and vegetation in all games

Hello everyone! I need your help!

In each game, at any graphics setting, vegetation and trees flicker. Changing monitors, power supply, video cards did not solve my problem. Benchmarks do not show the problem, only games. I didn’t change anything in the characteristics of the PC, I noticed it by chance, when buying a 2k monitor.

My specs:
Rx 5700 xt ref
ryzen 7 3700x
corsair vengeance lpx 3200 16 gb
asrock x570 pro 4
evga 750w

Attached video



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Adept II

In DCS and VR, objects also flicker.

HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality
X570 Aurus Pro
Ryzen 7 3700X 4.4Ghz
RAM 32gb -3600mhz
Corsair RM850i


Is there any solution to the problem?

Not applicable

try manually making a text file and rename it to config.ini and enter in some custom settings. you maybe just have too much textureanisotropicfiltering HIGH enabled if you've multiple GPU's.. or you maybe just have set too low supermultisampling override? 

i've a graphics config file here you could try. i think people keep deleting or sabotaging parts of it though.. so good luck.

err try more octillions of render resolution? or maybe try change the textures resolution?

disable all RSR/FSR or DLSS and dont enable any upscaling. ENSURE THAT in game menu the SCALING is set to 100% if you want to scale to 200% you use imagequalitysize2 or imageresizer2 or rescaler2 was it? uhh.. test em out see which looks/performs best. you could try 2.0 on the end too maybe? 

You either dont have ANTIALIASING ENABLED or you've been using the wrong or incorrect AA method. 

the in game maybe has CAS or post processing you've probably got it set wrong.. i dont speak/read whatever language that is and its been ages since i've played that terrible way to ruin a good series franchise  of both the blade runner universe and the ghost in the shell universe which are the same universe.

Try enabling super multisampling if TAA gives problems. also try different resolutions. 

it may be a texture resolution thing but it could also be some sort of bloom or specular highlights resolution being forced low by hackers or the OS.. you see people think its funny to disable all the directx12feature levels so you get 0 performance.. and to turn your true super computer into a cheap $2 calculator dumpster parts intel/nvidia device .. i mean do you see how hard your 5700xt is struggling to use the 1960's ray tracing and ray marching and 70's ray casting all at the same time when you type them into a config file when they've been used since like the first few AMD computers? sure intel and nvidia had to abandon their product line along with apple and use older cheaper mobile phone chips instead (RISC computers) when previously they were using nokia phone calculator maths parts.. i mean.. ehhh. so your super computer should be performing way better than theirs ever could.

if you go up some folders in my media fire there should be some screenshots of my adrenaline software as well and how my windows OS is setup and my bios.. though the bios settings maybe dont work unless you've got 3200mhz and over CAS14 memory samsung B die.



Can this happen with anti-aliasing turned off or any settings?
This is not exactly like normal PC operation.
Of the upgrades, I bought a 3070ti and r7 5800x and the 32 GB memory did not solve the problem.
All graphics settings and anti-aliasing twisted to the maximum and minimum. At the maximum, you can see less (almost none), and at the minimum, respectively, very strongly.
As my tests showed, in some games this is not the case. Example: Destiny 2, RDR2, GTA5, Word of Tanks, Deep Rock Galaxies.