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Adept I

Flickering pixels on my monitor

Hello. I have noticed this issue 2 weeks ago. It's not really bothering because it's hard to see unless you are very close to the monitor but I have these flickering pixels randomly on my monitor. They are not attracted to text/certain area or stuff like that. I noticed that after uninstalling the graphics drivers they completely disappear, but upon clean reinstallation of drivers they always return. Is there a way to permanently get rid of those flickers?

Also since they are not really easy to notice as I've mentioned, do they pose a threat of any sorts? My GPU ( ASUS DUAL RX 580 4GB) runs cold and gets up to 75 degrees max on heavy usage.

I will mention that I have a spare monitor and a TV, I will connect the PC with them as well, see if maybe there's a problem in the cable or something.

Thanks in advance,

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Adept I

Just encountered a crash while playing a game ( FF7 Remake to be specific). Temperatures were no higher than 75 degrees, then it just randomly crashed. This was the first time this has happened.

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sometimes the flickering pixels is artifacting if its been overclocked or somebody used it as a mining card and pushed it too hard then sold it. or it could be the cooler was unscrewed and not properly seated but 75 degrees sounds normal.

So other than that software issues that might be causing shimmery pixels are your resolution scaling is wrong or you're upscaling. But it can also be in some situations using supermultisampling antialiasing is better or FXAA instead of TAA. 

you may have been using RSR/FSR/DLSS on too low a resolution. bit its maybe your bit depth is too low for your lighting/graphics or if you have multiple graphics cards or like an APU and a GPU when you set a custom setting like anisotropic filtering high, some settings though they can be enabled in a config file many times very often or in numeric values thousands of times the quality of the lousy intel/nvidia default game graphics quality at ultra levels on any title in the universe.. theres sadly a limit to some features in the largely crippled and faked and never turning on or using the hardwares ability unless you type it in manually yourself with a config text file AMD adrenaline display drivers. in that they start to have issues if more than one card is enabled at once. but often its a resolution/bit depth thing or a issue or a resolution/rescaling issue or you've set your lighting to too low or high quality or some of its light functions have been enabled twice or too many times.

so toggle all your settings and type in and delete what you want to use in registry and a config.ini text file and see if you can get it to pretend to work.. your reality simulation realtime gaming with ray tracying then better ray marching then better ray casting all at once with fulltracedlightpathways and truelight and a heap of cool stuff.. should be infinity resolution rendering a reality simulation with infinityxsupermultisampling and look FANTASTICLY amazing. and your youtube and netflix should become real life like walk out of your TV almost.. feel like put your hand to it. works with my AMD mobile phone LG V60 same settings and my radeon 5700xt and ryzen 5700G.

but umm one of the things that can cause the pixel shimmer is maybe you got a virus or something. try secure erase SSD and ensure core isolation and memory integrity on TPM 2.0 and secure boot all that stuff. if you've a heap of large games downloaded and dont want to redownload them with a total reinstall and secure erase in bios of all your drives consider copying them out of programfiles dir to c:\ or to an alternate location like i do for steam when installing so i can "reset" windows anytime and keep files and they stay.

the other thing it could be is your BIOS RAM may be wrong try disable XMP leave it to auto. 

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I suspect the video card is starting to fail.  Did you try the spare monitor for a while?  You don't say if you are referring to F or C with regards to the temperature.  75 C is getting a bit warm but it's nothing for the Fahrenheit scale.  Try a driver update or reverting an older driver for the video card.  

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

I tried it on my TV and I got no pixels ( I would like to mention that I connected them with an HDMI cable). The two monitors I've tried I connected with a DVI with a HDMI-DVI adapter, and I had pixels on both displays. I would also like to mention that I limited the card to not show more than 60 frames and I've managed to make it go not further than 70 degrees celsius on max usage ( if  that's how it even works lol).

I readjusted the fans and applied new thermal paste. I also flashed the original factory BIOS just in case. Maybe underclocking would be the best solution, but I'm not comfortable doing it as I'm not sure if the online solutions are reliable in my case, and I also have no time to manually adjust it all incrementally.

Since the last crash I've experienced no issues, everything running smoothly as smooth can be. However, the pixels do make me uncomfortable when I get up close with the monitor and actually notice them.

I'll try installing older drivers and see if that fixes the issue. Then again the adapter/DVI cable may be faulty because on the TV I've noticed no flickering pixels.