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Journeyman III

First AMD card 7900XT seems like it has low FPS


A question just got a 7000XT and it seems like my FPS is really low. I'm only really playing Warcraft right now and MSI  afterburner benchmark is saying the average FPS is 53. Card is stock no over or under clocking i do play at 3440x1440 with settings on high not ultra on a ryzen 9 3900X. Is this what I can expect for frames on this card coming from an Nvidia 2080 and I was getting like 120 FPS 

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Adept I

I'm having the same issue. On World of Warcraft I averaged around that 53 mark you're experiencing and I feel like my fps is worse than it was with my 2080Super. I went and lowered my graphic settings to enjoy a smooth experience i expected to get when upgrading to this card. And my friend who has a 6800XT is having better performance than me most of the time, and by a decent amount. He's getting up to 80fps more than me on Minecraft (our CPU's basically perform the same so it's not that). He's able to play Escape From Tarkov on the same settings as me and I'd say on average gets more FPS, it's frustrating and praying it's due to drivers and hoping they get optimised soon if that is the case

Adept I

The 7900XT seems to aggressively downclock VRAM when it gets the chance. As a result in older, very CPU bound games where there is very little GPU load, VRAM downclocks and performance takes a nosedive (often with severe  stuttering). Games like Starcraft 2, Genshin Impact, etc. If you turn on the metrics overlay in Radeon Software and observe VRAM clock dipping while in-game, you've found your culprit. If you only have one monitor I'm not sure what you can do aside from try to increase GPU load (increase render resolution, higher quality settings, etc).

But if you have multi monitor you can try the new 23.1.2 drivers where VRAM doesn't seem to downclock anymore from 2487MHz. Or you can keep both monitors at high refresh rates at all times, which should keep VRAM clock high as possible.