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Journeyman III

Fan Curve Not Doing Anything

Hi all!

I recently got a 5700XT (specifically the XFX Thicc 3 variant). It's a great card, but I'd like to set a custom fan curve.

Whether I use MSI Afterburner or Radeon performance tuning, nothing seems to have any effect. Any positive effect, at least.

See here an image of my card idling at 69 degrees C with a custom curve set, and applied. I have already saved and imported the profile multiple times.

The temperature just keeps rising, and the fans are not turning on (ever). The image shows the fans at 1600 rpm, but I can see them through the side of the case, and they're not turning. As soon as I go back to automatic, they'll work again. Same thing happens with Afterburner.

Any ideas?

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