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Journeyman III

Eyefinity PLP

Hi can anyone give me some assistance, advice. I am unable to get Eyefinity to go into Portrait-Lanscape-Portrait mode, it pops up a message saying 

"Could not create AMD Eyefinity desktop. The configuration you selected might not be supported. please try a different configuration."

it seems to work fine for all portrait, or all landscape in full, fit or expand modes. my set up is:

  • 1x Centre screen 3840x2160 40" tv
  • 1x Left screen 1920x1080 24" Monitor (so in portrait would be 1080x1920)
  • 1x right screen 1920x1080 24" Monitor (so in portrait-flipped would be 1080x1920)

GPU is R9 200 Series

I'm sure in the past with other monitors I could get PLP working but not anymore, and all the help videos or forum posts are very old, does AMD still support it? 


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Journeyman III

I'm having the exact same issue. Any thoughts from the red horde?