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Journeyman III

Errors: bad_system_config_info, atikmdag.sys, amdkmdag.sys. RX 580

Rx 580 crashing whenever I install drivers

Hello, I need your help guys, so I have an rx 580, never gave me some kind of problem, now I'm desperate, so I was playing fifa 21 and my gpu crashed with error directx problem, started to give me hard stutters and my pc went to blue screen, didn't want to start, gave me errors like: bad_system_config_info, atikmdag.sys, amdkmdag.sys.


I tried everything from cmd but nothing, same problems, my pc went blue scree of death whenever I turn it on. I tried to reset the pc it finally worked, but whenever I install drivers amd, with windows, everything doesn't work, the driver installations stop in the middle of the loading and my pc crashes, I tried a lot of different amd drivers, nothing, every time the same result. 


I tried ddu and to reinstall drivers, nothing, doesn't work, I'm worried that my rx 580 broke or something and in 2021 we all know it's hard to get a graphic card without being scammed. So my question is, is there anything that I can do to fix this problem? Can I save my gpu? Thank you so much for whoever responses, it means a lot to me.


P.S I'm in safe mode networking now, the only way that I can use the pc is this.

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