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Journeyman III

dual rx580 Bad performance

I have a dell xps 9100 running win 7 ultimate sp1. I recently picked up a xfx rx580 8gb card and installed it it with the latest drivers.  everything works great.

I bought a second identical card and installed it into one of my open pcie slots (1.0).  This is where the troubles start. I've noticed the system takes a lot longer to boot and once I am finally able to login to Windows the onscreen performance is terrible.  It takes several seconds to open dialog boxes or navigate through Windows explorer. What used used to be.supervfast now takes seconds or navigate.

Device mgrs show both cards ok and at the same driver level. Motherboard bios has the latest update.

I have a dual monitor setup. One HDMI and one digital connection is used. Eyeaffinity isn't setup.

Any idea about what's causing the lag?  I haven't tried gaming with it uet.

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