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Journeyman III

Does the RX 580 8GB version have radeon Boost, and antilag plus?

cant find them anywhere. do i need the PRO version rather than adrenalin? also which one should i use PRO or Adrenalin edition?

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Right now, nobody has access to antilag+. It was removed because it caused game bans in games like CS and Valorant. We are waiting for it to be reintroduced at a later driver update.


Regarding Radeon Boost, here's what it says on official website

AMD Radeon™ Boost is compatible with Windows 10 and 11 in select titles only. Hardware compatibility includes RX 400 and newer consumer dGPUs, AMD Ryzen™ 2000 and newer APUs, including hybrid and detachable graphics configurations. No mGPU support. AMD Radeon™ Boost VRS compatible with AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series Graphics exclusively.

So your GPU should support the feature but the game also needs to support it. Check the application profile and see if it's there.

Also you should use the Adrenalin edition. Pro driver is for professional applications not for consumer use.

Hope this helps.