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Journeyman III

does AMD support 4:4:4 recording in OBS?

1. does AMD 5700XT support i444 (8bit 4:4:4 3 planes) option in OBS?

 because text feels like some 'Chromatic Aberration' effect happened


i record in 1440p (max i can) in OBS and wants up up-scale to 4K to get the best out of youtube's horrible compression,

so im looking to record in uncompressed colors (4:4:4) assuming it wont loose much details when up-scaling to 4K, but as this screen shot shows, small details gets distorted?

1. so i wonder, does 4:4:4 is supported for 5700XT?

2. are these 10 bit colors are supported for recording? or is there any document that i can look these details?

3. which are the highest quality color settings i can use in this card?





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