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Journeyman III

Displayport corruption after trying to convert 3 monitor display in Eyefinity PRO to EXTENDED mode

Hey everyone I’m trying to see if anyone knows if this issue broke my GPU. I tried converting my 3 monitors to 1 monitor for rFactor 2 in EYEfinity pro. After choosing the extended setting all 3 monitors go into sleep mode and when I unplugged the cord or use hdmi from my center monitor the display comes back as separate screens again. I tried switching the same cord into a another port on the GPU and it happened again but after doing this now none of monitors detect either of the ports so now I’m down to 1 displayport and 1 hdmi port. 

CPU: amd Ryzen 7900x

GPU: amd rx6800 xt

monitors: two 1920x1080 one 2560x1440

windows 11

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